Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mensa Man

Most of my pet peeves regard driving. One of them is people who go under the speed limit. If you go the speed limit, I'm ok. If you go a couple under, I'm ok. If you go five or more under, I'll start twitching.

There is this guy that I seem to run into a lot along the main road by my house. I know it's the same guy because he drives this little white car with a Mensa bumper sticker. I call him Mensa Man.

Mensa Man drives 10 miles under the speed limit wherever he goes. The speed limit is 45? Mensa Man is going 35. There's a dozen cars piled up behind him while other whiz past him? Mensa Man doesn't care. He's sticking with his five under.

You'd think with his high IQ and all, he'd be able to read and understand the speed limit signs.

Now every time I'm behind a line of cars going under the speed limit, I think, "Mensa Man must be up there." I see the super smart son of a gun everywhere!

The opposite of Mensa Man is this:

I saw this driving home the other day (don't worry I just pointed the camera out the window and then cropped the picture). At first glance, it looks like any regular biker, but if you look closely, you'll notice the thin, shapely legs and the hair flying from under the helmet. It's a biker chick, and I only dream of being as cool as her.

Mensa Man probably doesn't even dream. He probably grumbles and shakes his fist when she rides by. Mensa Man just doesn't appreciate coolness.


Madame Queen said...

Who really puts Mensa stickers on their car, anyway? I mean, if you're that smart do you really feel the need to tell everybody? There must be something about those people though b/c my husband was complaining about getting stuck behind a guy with a Mensa sticker the other day!