Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miracle of Miracles! A Post!

I haven't blogged in an embarrasingly long time.

I'm ashamed of myself.

Part of it is because winter tends to be a hard time for me, and I'd rather curl up in bed than type. Part of it is that I've been pretty busy. Mostly, though, I just haven't had much to say.

But this has been the best week ever! And I wanted to share with my bloggy friends.

Reasons this was the best week ever:

1) Went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" with one of my friends. We were BFFs growing up, but we went to different colleges and sort of lost touch. We're living in the same town now, and we get together once in a while. The great thing is that it's not awkward at all. It's like we've just picked up where we left off. That's a true friend. Plus, the movie was super funny.

2) I finally broke the 20lb mark! I've been flirting with it for months, but the holidays really threw me off. I didn't gain any weight, but I lost momentum. I have officially lost 21.4lbs, which means I'm back on my way.

3) I got a(nother) raise! That makes three in six months. I so totally rock. When the boss called me in, I thought I was in for it, but he just gave me more money, and one of the best compliments I've ever had. He and the manager both said they had never given that many raises in the short of time. Ever. Seriously! I SO TOTALLY ROCK!

4) With the raise also came paid time off. I don't recall that ever being discussed when I started. I get 3:20 every pay period. I've never had PTO before! I have a real job!

5) I decided I wanted to celebrate my raise with some friends. I was concerned because I don't really have any here, but I made a few calls, and some girls came over to eat pizza and watch a movie. I haven't hung out with friends in ages, and it was so fun!

6) I got Pablo's Pizza for free. Pablo's is this amazing gourmet pizza place here, and it's a little pricey. I was willing to spring for it in celebration, but when I got there to pick up my order, they had no record of it. I had to wait about 15 min while they cooked it, but they gave me the pizza for free. Heck, I'll do just about anything for free pizza.

7) This is possibly the best one, tied with the raise (have I mentioned that I rock?). There is this guy I've been hanging out with lately. He's . . . I can't think of one word to sum him up. He's smart and funny and kind and witty and handsome and tall and has the sexiest forearms I've ever seen. He's a little out of my league at the moment (and for the next 50lbs or so), but we have a lot of fun together and I was hoping we could be friends. I've called and texted him a couple times in the last couple weeks, but I didn't hear anything back. After watching "He's Just Not That Into You" I was convinced that he just wasn't that into me. Today, I found out that he lost his phone a little while back! It's the best news I've heard all day! He wasn't avoiding me! He was actually thinking about me! And then the clouds parted and angels sang the Hallelujah Chorus.

I hope you have as great a week as I did.